Hugo Template Render Hooks

This was a tough nut to crack. I’m totally new to Go Html Templates and Go itself, and I’ve never really used anything outside of Jekyll. It took me a minute, but I wound up coming up with this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 {{ $image := (resources.Get .Destination) }} {{ with $image }} {{ if eq $image.MediaType.SubType "svg" }} <a data-fancybox="image" href="{{ $image.

Federal Postal Court

Oh man. Holy shit. If you haven’t seen this I consider you to be incredibly lucky. When I stumbled upon this “Federal Postal Court” nonsense I really couldn’t figure out what the fuck I was reading. This shit is absolutely fucking bananas. : Russell-Jay: Gould. I just don’t know where to start with this loon. He claims he has some mystical understanding of grammar and syntax that is “universally understood” as “mathematically supported”.

Fancybox and Hugo Even

My theme apparently wraps every ![Image](source) in another set of <a href=""></a> tags that point to the source for the image. If you’re trying to generate galleries with a shortcode using fancyboxes, this default behavior is going to bite you in the ass. I forced the behavior to what I want/expect by copying assets/js/even.js and assets/js/main.js from themes/even into my blog root assets/js/. Then I hacked out the fancyboxes references in both files and regenerated.


BEHOLD, FUCKING MEMES. God damn, this thing is really flexible. Just added a layouts/shortcodes/gallery.html and slapped a little Go Html Template and some lightbox.js and whatever, and bing-o bang-o boom; motherfucker is an autogallery. BOOYAH, BITCH. Cool as fuck. Of course there’s a little more to it than that. Gotta do some page bundling as well, which is easy enough. Just run your hugo new post/2022-01-01-Title/ and dump your images into content/post/2022-01-01-Title/img.


I’m sure churning the posts out, boy howdy. Treating this sumbitch like Facebook. Except this is way better than Facebook. I’m the master here, no one else. Nobody else gets to determine what I am and am not allowed to post here except for me. It’s very empowering and feels pretty awesome, and as long as you practice rational operational security you’re golden- Even if you piss off half the internet.


I’ve always felt as though I’m worth more than present day economics. I think we all feel that way at some point in our lives. I also feel as though most of us average folk are better than the lot we’ve been cast with this “work to make others rich” bullshit we’re forced to endure at present. Even small business owners are sadder slaves than the office drones. At least the office drone has one boss, maybe two or three.


I enjoy marijuana quite a bit. I love dry flower. I love concentrates. I love edibles. I use it to help me sleep, and it helps me sleep far better than anything else I’ve ever tried. I remember the bad old Ambien days. That stuff is probably just about the worst thing to happen to sleep since insomnia. The remedy is almost as bad as the malady. You can do anything on Ambien.


As I learn more about how to use Go HTML Templates, Hugo, goldenmark, and the other underpinning technologies of this particular brand of static site generation, I find myself refining the overlaid structure while running out of actual material to feed to this thing. It’s starting to get to the point where I have to dig into really old subject matter that bothered me a lot years ago, rather than things that pertain to the here and now.

Who Is James McGibney?

You’re probably not wondering; Who is James McGibney? And I know why you aren’t wondering. It’s because nobody really gives a shit anymore. He’s a random asshole who was cheated on and started a revenge porn website to get back at the ex who cheated on him. Ironically enough, after starting his revenge porn website he also started digging into random people’s personal lives and “exposing” all personal details he could obtain about them and using search engine optimization to ensure that his slam pages are the first result for any googling of these people’s names.

Mobile Post

Well, this is interesting. I’m currently writing this post on my phone. The git repository I’m writing it into is currently tucked away neatly into Termux.apk, and it’s a full and working blog development environment including Hugo right on my phone itself. If I had a good stand and a keyboard to use this wouldn’t be a bad setup. I can also take photos and post them up directly as well.


Man, I’m really tired. I think a part of it is the lingering notion that it might be time for me to step out of my comfort zone and start exploring programming in a serious way, either by learning javascript or python, and maybe trying to do something career-wise with it. I dunno. I’ve heard, and seen, that javascript is a complete fucking mess. Python is pretty awesome, but I’ve just never spent any significant amount of time messing with it.

God Is Dead

It’s true, God is dead. He was absolutely fucking slaughtered by rational inquiry. That’s okay. I bet it happens to nearly every species that attains sentience. Surely we can’t be alone in experiencing this, the universe is far too large for that to be the case. I suppose the most important take-away here is that God never existed in the first place, at least not as an omnipotent sky-wizard. He existed as a literary figure that helped us to explain why we’re here and the world around us.

Justices Found Lying Under Oath Should Be Removed

AOC says Supreme Court justices who lied under oath must face consequences for ‘impeachable offense’ I heavily fucking agree with that article. I think the justices that stated under oath they accepted Roe v. Wade as “established precedent” should be removed, not impeached. Fucking removed. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Thomas, Barrett, and Alito, should be fucking removed. This redneck trash with assault rifles have been allowing these MAGA clowns to remove rights by limiting what is allowed in any given abortion, even though it was a constitutionally protected right.

Pinning Posts in Hugo

Alright, in this post I’m going to show you how to pin posts in Hugo. But before you keep reading, I request you review the template you’re using and ensure it’s going to allow you to pin posts in the first place. The thing you’re looking for is the index declaration in your index.html. Example: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 {{- define "content" -}} <section id="posts" class="posts"> {{/* (index .

It's my Blog and I'll Do What I Want To

Seems like it happens every time. It happened the last time I set up Wordpress. The ease of posting to my blog seems to generate an inverse relationship with my post frequency. I’ll post a ton at first, and then my posts taper down to nothing, sometimes going whole months without even so much as a dead man’s switch. It’s alright, though. Honestly, the times through the day that I feel most compelled to write are when I’m bored.

Raspberry Pi Watchdog Timer

Earlier today I experienced an amount of panic that I think most nerds can relate to. I tried to sync my git project and I got “no route to host” in response. GASP. There are so many things that can go wrong, especially when you’re forcing all the heavy lifting on a tiny little raspberry pi. The thing has been a brute every since I got it, though, chugging away with nary a care.

War on Religion

I had planned to write a different post, but honestly- This is what I really wanted to do with a post. I’m going to expose religious zealots for what they are. Rapists. Bishop Accountability ProPublica: Credibly Accused Sexual Harassment Went Unchecked at Christianity Today Houston Chronicle: Abuse of Faith If you’re against abortion I want you to ask yourself, “am I so against abortion that I’m okay with my child being forced to birth a rape baby by her rapist?

Andrew Lee (rasengan) Fucking Sucks - Freenode is Dead

The Justin Bieber-wannabe weakly rapping in the above video is none other than Andrew Lee. He’s your usual privileged piece of shit who runs around spreading whatever money he has to shit on things other people love just to destroy them.