The Ashes of Rome Are on Fire

It’s wild to me that a thirteen year old girl got knocked up two thousand years ago and the lie she told carries repercussions even today. Thanks to that little shithead we have morons screaming about homosexuality like it affects them personally. It’s absurd that in this day and age there’s still a culture war raging. The self-righteous side would gate-keep marriage from all but heterosexuals and diminish the voice of the gay community to but a whimper, should they win this war.

Adani Tumbling

I don’t know if you’ve been living under a rock or not for the last week or so. On the slight chance that may be the case, allow me to tell you that India’s wealthiest man is turning out to be just as much “call center scammer” as India’s poorest men. Pajeet done goofed. It’s a wild story to watch unfold, especially as this “Hindenburg Research” has viscerally ripped Adani a new asshole with an intense and damning report ranging from clear nepotism to blatant fraud.

Mastodon Is Run by Furries

You’ll be pressed to find a more degenerate group than “The Furry Fandom”. The degeneracy is storied. They’ve been kicked out of so many convention centers for incredibly stupid yet valid reasons. One notable account of furries being absolute degenerates involves a group of them jerking off into a bong and then using it. Disgusting. Then, another instance of furries that lead to them being banned from a hotel convention center revolved around a pizza involved in a similar bukkake situation that was subsequently left in the hotel hallway for staff and other customers to witness.


First and foremost; If you’re here because you searched for “Gangstalking” and believe you’re being “gangstalked”, I encourage you to seek emergency mental help. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Get help, you’re not well. It’s been a long time since I’ve read about gangstalking. It’s essentially the belief that an individual is being targeted by a covert campaign of spying and harassment for no apparent reason. If that’s not ridiculous enough, these people have entire communities they’ve put together where they do virtual dick-measuring about how targeted they are.

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my lovely soon-to-be-wife. I love you so much. You’re my favorite, my everything, my love. I’m lucky to have you, and I’m glad I get to be with you.


It feels like I’m criss-crossing the map these days. The travel is never ending. It’s eternal, it seems. I can’t avoid a minimum of an hour travel, and in most cases it seems like two and a half to four and a half are my ranges. It’s kind of annoying, if I’m being honest. It throws a wrench in my ability to exist in my life comfortably, because everything just stops due to my not being present in my own life.

What Does 2023 Bring?

I got barely three sentences into this post before I started to really loathe it. I didn’t just hate it, I wanted to take a flamethrower to those three sentences and turn them to ash. I wanted to remove the words involved from the dictionary. I wanted to expunge those three sentences from the entirety of human consciousness. I’m simply not that powerful, and I suppose I’m being hyperbolic again. But it’s a good point.

Friends Forever

Man, it seems like Friends can play for fucking ever. Was it really renewed for like sixty seasons? Because it feels like it, jesus. I mean, it’s not the worst show in the world, but I don’t get how people can seemingly watch it perpetually. All of the story arcs are pretty straightforward and once you’ve gone through it like twice it’s about as fresh as stale bread. I can’t believe you can buy two ounces of reasonable weed for $90 these days.


I really can’t stand the state of Indiana. I just hate everything about it. I hate the people. I hate the laws. I hate the things hoosiers love. I hate the fact that Indiana has a personal vendetta against people who enjoy cold beer or literally any other alcohol. Hell, weed is still very much illegal in Indiana, and I’m sure a lot of the reason for this stems from the fact that Indiana’s miserable ass is still churning and burning fentanyl deaths like it’s going out of style.

Bank of America Drops the Ball

Bank of America is apparently experiencing issues and people are reporting thousands of dollars missing from their accounts, while customer service lines are inundated with calls and are totally unreachable. I’m sure there are theories out there ranging from this being a natural result of the Gamestop shorts to potentially being hacked by Russia or China. Right now we have very little data to go on other than “Bank of America done messed up real bad”.


It’s amusing to me, the folly of man. His machinations manifest his nightmares. Everything is corruptible. Everything is wrong.

Demystifying THC-O

Introduction I feel like this blog post is a little important, given how much incorrect information is currently being carried by even “trusted” sources like Leafly. I’ve seen Leafly perpetuate information such as “It’s three to five times more potent than Delta-9 THC” or “Your tolerance for THC-O is not impacted by your tolerance for Delta-9”. Neither of these statements are true, however. But they’re happily spread across the internet in even “respected” weed journalism outlets.

James Rayl Saga: Continued

Apparently friends of James Rayl have some news to share. I cannot possibly fathom what news could be coming down regarding an already settled and clear-cut self defense case such as this. James Rayl has already been exposed as a threat. It’s already well documented that his ex’s father was merely responding to the threat he presented. There’s nothing more to this case, and the man is dead. Give it up already, Jesus fucking Christ.

No Neck Ed

Man, we’ve been watching a ton of 90 Day Fiance, and I have to say; Ed Brown, the guy that’s three and a half feet tall and fat without a neck, is a toxic piece of trash that has borderline personality disorder. It’s insane to see this short little turd of a person try and gaslight everyone who responds negatively to his toxic behavior. It’s insane. It’s not even enough for him to keep his toxicity in his own relationship with Liz, this little shit interjects in the stories of all the other couples with his toxic bullshit.

Journalism Sucks Now

I don’t know what it is, really. It’s true, though. No matter how you lean politically, or what you believe in, your education background- It’s universally true without regard to the audience in question. Journalism right now is the worst it’s ever been, objectively. It’s just absurd these days how far everyone leans politically, how everyone demands they have a voice that’s heard, and how absolutely goddamn stuck up everyone is.


Lotto is at $1.1 billion again. Specifically, the “Mega Millions”. Here’s to hoping, eh? I’d love to retire right now. I’d love to travel the world and be care free. I’d love to set up trust funds for my kids to ensure they’re always taken care of. We’ll see.

Rambling Man

Man, I’ve been on a bender with reality TV lately. It’s really weird. I noticed that time doesn’t fly the same while watching reality TV as it does if I were to sit around on No Man’s Sky with the Steam Deck. It’s weird. I think it’s because I’m only partially engaged with it. I’m half into it and half into whatever the hell is on my phone, typically, or maybe my laptop.


I’ve spent nearly forty years of existence living “in the moment” with little to no regard for the future. There are things that are inescapable, such as planning for retirement, working hard, making decisions that ensure that myself and my family are secure for the foreseeable future. I’m not sure it was a lack of impression on me by the people who reared me. I can’t say if perhaps it’s ADHD related, either.

Kevin McCarthy Should Give It Up

We’re on the fourteenth vote now for speaker of the house, and Kevin McCarthy is a flea’s ass away from winning, but the opponents to his assuming the leadership role are staunchly opposed to him ascending to speaker of the house. They’re opposed for distinct reasons. Particularly because McCarthy is a centrist establishment Republican who vows to remove the extreme right jackasses from councils they’re currently sitting on. These extreme right morons include Boebert, Gaetz, Biggs, Bishop, and a handful of others I’ve never heard of.

Happy New Year

Happy fuckin’ new year. Man, hopefully things get better. How about that fusion progress, eh? I mean, we’re still fucking forever out from practical fusion, but progress is progress, don’t you think? We’re watching this Amish reality TV shit, and it’s insane to me how these people exist on the fringes. I can’t imagine the Amish way of life lasting much longer, because it’s just absolutely asinine. Man, I can see why the Amish make entertaining viewing.