John McAfee Killed Himself to Avoid Rape Charges

I know all you retarded crypto-bros out there want to pretend like there are sweeping conspiracies involving lunatics like John McAfee and Jeffrey Epstein. First and foremost, let me say that Jeffrey Epstein is not a subject I’ll weigh in on for this post. It’s far outside the scope of this post and involves more money and compromising situations than John McAfee, and it’s ultimately a far different story. Yes, Epstein was insane, but a different type of insanity than McAfee.

Maxine Waters, WTF?

.@SBF_FTX, we appreciate that you've been candid in your discussions about what happened at #FTX. Your willingness to talk to the public will help the company's customers, investors, and others. To that end, we would welcome your participation in our hearing on the 13th. — Maxine Waters (@RepMaxineWaters) December 2, 2022 Woah, excuse me? What the ever-living fucking goddamned excuse me, what? Maxine Waters clearly must’ve received at least ten million from Sam Bankman-Fried given the above tweet.

New Idea

I’ve been blogging for a while, but as you can already tell, I’ve been just sort of haphazard expelling the contents of my brain pan onto the keybaord. It’s messy sometimes. I’m thinking about trying to A) commit to writing posts daily pertaining to current events or things in my mind that day that I might feel passionately about. I’d also like to B) try and keep the content somewhat pertinent to more individuals than just myself.

Daily Blast 1

The shit we’re seeing happen right now is utterly wild. Mass “White Paper Protests” are sweeping through China in response to Xi’s “Zero COVID” lockdown policy. I started following a Chinese dissident on Mastodon and I’ve been tracking protest information through that account. It’s quite wild. It makes me wonder if this is the start of the end of Xi, or if he’s going to pull another Tiananmen Square. More innocent civilian bloodshed just because an old man clings to power, knowing he would be assassinated if he ever faltered.

I Have No Masters

First and foremost, fuck corporations. Fuck FAANG. Fuck billionaires, including Bezos and Musk. Fuck everyone who worships billionaires and corporations, too. You’re all subhuman bootlickers, with few to no exceptions. Pundits like Charlie Kirk and Brett Cooper are also subhuman trash, because they’re trying to “reign in” on free voices like mine, to drown us out and prevent us from letting you know that you too can be free. Fuck those animals.

I've Taken Shits Less Offensive Than Donald Trump

I’ve taken shits less offensive than Donald Trump. And, let me be clear here; not a single one of them could ever be described as “rosy”. The reality is that the right has settled on advancing an individual as “our guy”, who is a lecherous billionaire who has zero concern for the people of his country. Fuck Donald Trump. Voting for Trump is a really effective way to communicate how much of a selfish cunt you are.

The Second Amendment

It fascinates me to see Republican lawmakers tout how “gun bans don’t work” when in the same breath they’ll support any and every attempt at Iranian nuclear de-proliferation. So let’s get something straight, here, Ted Cruz; You’ll support nuclear de-proliferation in Iran but not de-proliferation of guns at home? Hmm, I wonder- why is that, Ted? It’s probably because Ted is bankrolled heavily by American arms manufacturers. Ted knows that bans on assault weapons work.


Comcast fails me completely yet again. Go to connect to my home ssh server (as I always do) and get no response. So I check the Comcast app and see that, of course, Comcast is experiencing issues. Of course they are. Any time my shit is offline, it’s because of them, not because of me. I run commercial grade networking gear. They must be running the same bullshit they try to sell you when you sign up, because their shit is never working.


My cat is sitting on my chest. It’s not the easiest posture for blogging, having a cat on your chest, but I suppose I’m managing regardless.

I went to see the movie The Menu in theaters last night. Spoiler alert. If you want to see this movie without spoilers, don’t continue reading.

Kotaku Is Lying to You About Activision Blizzard

Blizzard Games Are Disappearing From China Thanks To ‘A Jerk’ Ashley Bardhan wastes our valuable time yet again with another bit of CCP propaganda, this time in the form of an appeal to every gamer in China to “not blame the communist party” for the unreasonable expectations put on tech firms by the communist party, enabled by companies such as “NetEase”, who is also involved in the debacle. It’s ridiculous how the blame is immediately shifted onto Blizzard, despite the fact that there are serious problems with every business deal taking place in China.


Nine times out of ten I can’t keep a single post constrained within a single subject. Nearly every post that I’ve written is just a sprawling rant across all of ridiculous randomness. It’s pretty annoying, considering I would really like to write pieces on specific subjects that I find interesting. It just doesn’t seem possible, because I can’t fucking prevent my mind from wandering all over the goddamn place while I’m writing.

Vote Blue No Matter Who

I cannot espouse this absolute absurdity unless it’s to combat an equal or greater absurdity, and so, I repeat- Vote Blue No Matter Who. Do it. Vote blue regardless of primaries, midterms, presidential elections, runoffs. I don’t care. Vote blue until the right is no longer questioning the democracy we’ve built. Vote blue until Trumpism dies. Vote blue until the right develops some fucking sanity, because right now that party is off the fucking rails.

Trumpers Are Social Cancer

In reality, the candidates you vote for give zero fucks about your existence. For all you know, they’re blissfully unaware that you even exist. The same can almost be said in reverse- You’re barely aware of who’s in office, because the guy in office is really just your average politician. He doesn’t really stand for anything. But he doesn’t constantly bring upon your home the threat of total nuclear annihilation, either.

Hugh Jass

Tomorrow is election day. Historically, the party opposite the sitting president’s party does really well in midterms. Tomorrow is not the day to continue that trend. It’s going to be incredibly important for everyone to rally behind Roe. We need to send a message to these religious nutbags that they will not be allowed to govern women’s bodies with their superstitious bullshit. I don’t care what excuses you think you have, you really don’t have any excuses.

Insanity Is the New Norm

We’ve spent the last thousand years developing a rational view of the universe in which we investigate cause and effect. It has served us well and elevated humanity from our messy hunter/gatherer tribal origins to the technologically advanced global society we are today. This progress didn’t come from the pedophile priests who tell us lies about magic sky wizards. The progress came from observation, measurement, intelligence, and reason. I could go on and on about these assholes pushing anti-vaxx nonsense and other anti-science trash.

Republicans Are Class Traitors

In all reality, Republicans are class traitors. They’ve wilfully espoused that they support any and all benefit and gain for their betters, but not their peers. The crime of class betrayal should carry a heavy penalty. I might even propose death as a penalty for such crimes, because they’re truly detrimental to society. We’ve been engaged in a protracted and long term class war, all of us. We’ve all been fighting in it.

Twitter as a Utility

Apparently Musk is going to try to make Twitter a “public utility” without the oversight or government regulation of a public utility, because he “believes so much in freedom of speech”. Sounds like a dog whistle for white supremacy and alt-right groups more than it does “public service”. For one, Musk doesn’t respect public services, because he’s one of those idiot libertarian types. Second, private companies can’t “protect freedom of speech”.


Sometimes I wonder what went wrong when I was conceived. This “out of place”-ness, it doesn’t feel new or acquired. It doesn’t feel like I had to exist around people to experience it. I think there are very few places where I wouldn’t feel out of place. It’s difficult to quantify things that aren’t whole. It’s like a lingering sensation rather than a sure phenomenon. I’m watching the drama with Kiwi Farms unfold, and I understand why people are angry.

Vote This November

I feel like it’s going to be incredibly important for people to vote this November. We’re all going to have to participate in order to tell the government that we want more policy based on science. Right now we have far too many assholes in the GOP trying to stir up yet another sad “Satanic Panic” in order to rile up their base. It’s really pathetic to see in action, and usually the people supporting this shit the loudest are jackasses like David “Avocado” Wolfe.

Tell Paywall Publishers to Go Fuck Themselves

Are you absolutely livid that you can’t click on a link to a news story or article anymore without getting slapped in the face with some shitty paywall for a publisher you’re never going to give money? These assholes are already farming our data with tens of cookies and trackers, so it’s time for us to take our data back and tell them we’re going to get what we want and we’re not going to pay for it.