Roe v. Wade - Dox the Supreme Court


I’ve decided that this post is worth pinning for a while. How long? To be determined.

I think these dickheads want some pro-choice Christmas Carols sung in front of their doorsteps.


I’m not responsible if the addresses listed are incorrect. Shitty right-wing nutjob dickfaces tend to spread misinformation wherever they can. Plus, people who are awful dickheads like these SCOTUS pieces of shit, they tend to move because they rightfully attract a lot of negative attention. Fuck these fuckers.

It's All Finally Happening

Isn’t that just wild? Mar-a-lago searched by FBI. Man. It looks like the hammer is finally coming down. It’s also not terribly surprising that you have a number of shit-heel ass-kissers “demanding to know why Trump’s house was searched” and blustering in their usual loud and irritating manner. Dude, go fuck yourself. Seriously. Quit trying to help your criminal pal cover shit up. Fucking absolute criminals in the GOP. Every last one.


We’re getting married in April! I’m damned excited, and I can’t wait. We’re getting married by Elvis, and it’s going to be in Vegas. I would marry my fiance at a courthouse tomorrow, but we both think it’ll be a lot more fun to have a banger of a ceremony in Vegas and to party and celebrate that we love each other and want to have this kind of fun together for the rest of our lives.


It would be amazing if humans were conscious creatures earlier in life. Just imagine being capable of planning your life out ahead of you as an infant, pondering daily while you feed on a bottle and do fuck all else how you’re going to spend the next eighty years or so. What would you dream up if you had that sort of time and opportunity ahead of you? I would’ve tried to plan on being a Ph.


I think the gum finally caught up with me. I bought this gum from the dispensary that’s supposed to have something like 10 milligrams of THC in each piece. I ended up chewing every piece but two, out of the ten. I really don’t think that was what did me in, though. I think, at the end of the day, what really got me high was the 50 milligram peanut butter cup.


Friday is freedom. Friday is cuddling on the couch with my fiance. Friday is the start of when I am actually alive, not the sad state we economic drones are in the rest of the time. Not pursuing our passions or, worse yet, if we’re pursuing our passions it’s to make someone else significantly more wealthy than we in some sordid “passion harvest farm”. Capitalism has an amazing way of draining the color and happiness out of life between the hours of eight in the morning Monday through until five in the evening on Friday.


In the past, I’ve implemented Euler’s totient function for shits and giggles. It’s not a hard exercise by any means, but it can be if you haven’t had education in math at a level to understand the formula. $$\varphi(n) =n \prod_{p\mid n} \left(1-\frac{1}{p}\right)$$ Admittedly, I had to google what the hell is going on. Technically, that’s just the framework, there are more details that follow in the form of rules. However, it was definitely a fun exercise to implement it.

Unit Vectors and Angles

In my job, I work with a ton of unit vectors. While tracking things in three dimensions can be tricky, it helps to start breaking down as many aspects of the dimensions to their base components. I’m sure we’re all familiar with common spatial axis labeling. You get X, Y, and Z. Their application isn’t uniform. Some machine uses X for the vertical axis, some might use Z. What you might not yet be familiar with would be the orientations of objects in space.


Right now I feel really stalled. I haven’t done jack shit with any hobby outside revamping this blog, and I haven’t picked up any new hobbies either. I also don’t seem to be going anywhere at work. I do the same things day in and day out, and that’s usually a red flag when you’re an engineer. Typically problems come in all shapes and sizes, and for a long time there people were throwing everything and the kitchen sink at me.

Work Travel

It’s finally getting to me. Six years of traveling for work and I’m ready to find a place and stay put for a while. It’s getting old, living out of suitcases and hotels. Shitty continental breakfasts, awful Wi-Fi, constant bad meals. And those are the perks. The worst of it is not being able to spend time with my loved ones. It’s getting old real fast, and I honestly don’t know what to do about it.


I swear to god, I think I’ve just come back from the weirdest experience I’ve ever had outdoors. First of all, I’ll just say right now that the culture of people who do this shit frequently is weird as fuck. I don’t honestly understand it, and I suppose the onus isn’t on me to do so, since I’m not exactly itching to become one of these loony people. Immediately upon arriving at the camp site, it’s just pure chaos.

One With Nature

I’m not “becoming one with nature” any time soon, that’s for damn sure. The title is mostly clickbait, but I think I see it more as a joke than anything else. The reality is that you can’t get offensively drunk in a large group in public, at least not without risk of being hassled by “the man”, but you certainly can get offensively drunk in large groups in the woods! Nature don’t give a shit about your antics.


I’m on the road for work this week. I have my work backpack, with all my tools and my work laptop, my Sony WH-1000XM4’s, all the cables I’ll ever need, and some other random work equipment. Then I have my secondary laptop bag with my personal laptop, a bunch of weed stuff, charger cables for everything, my Nintendo Switch, my water bottle, and my personal toys to occupy me. Not gonna lie, I could bring my entire house and it wouldn’t really curb the homesickness I feel.

Day to Day Sillyness

Oh man, the shit that I’m sitting in on right now. These dudes are something else. I literally heard a dude talking about how a drunk man and a drunk woman can constitute rape because apparently only women can’t consent while drunk, and then he details how that should preclude a woman from serving as president. This guy is a real piece of work. He’s the one that’s been espousing the most virulently conservative rhetoric I’ve seen, and I think he’s gonna end up causing a scrap with this shit.

Schiit Is Bananas

I put my order in, and it shipped. Awesome. If you check the Schiit website, you might see that a number of products they sell are on back order, and at the time of this writing the Freya S was listed on back order by about a month. This component is the piece I need to have a well-rounded stack, because I feel like my Vidar isn’t being “encouraged” enough by my Topping DX3 Pro+.

Mad Max: Fury Road

I have so many things to say about this movie. It’s hard to even sort out where the fuck to start, but I think I have an idea. I think that if there’s one single scene that describes this movie perfectly, it has to be the introduction of the “Guitar Stage Car”. Yep. You read that correctly. It’s a fucking car outfit with a shit-ton of speakers, a mini stage, and a dude playing a flame-throwing guitar while wearing some crazy leather bondage outfit.

God Dammit

There really isn’t anything worse than traveling for work and not having access to any of the resources you require to complete the task. I’m here because I need to earn a living to support myself and my family, and my time is precious to me. So wasting it an dragging out the time I’m apart from my family isn’t a great way to curry favor with me. It’s going to view your organization as the joke that it is.


How annoying. I hate it when people treat your time as though it has no value. We’re all on this rock for essentially the blink of an eye and I’ve already lost a third of existence to sleep. Then mankind had to go and invent something stupid like the economy, so now I get to dedicate another third of my life to making someone else money. Awesome. So I’m 66% down and you want to waste my time even further?


I finally know what it’s like. All those things people say about what it means to really be in love, how people lord over it as a concept and put these really tight constraints on what it means to be in love- I get it. I can see why people would gatekeep a feeling like this. It feels like a crime to dilute it and allow lesser emotions any stage presence.


I think working on my blog is a damned neat hobby. The result looks like a well-oiled machine even though I don’t know how to make a well-oiled machine. It’s just super cool. I just wrote my last post detailing how I automatically generate webp thumbnails for every markdown image I use in blog posts. Not gonna lie- Hugo is fucking amazing. It’s blazing fast, easy to understand, relatively few bugs, and does exactly what you expect it to (within the confines of expecting Go Html Template).

Here, have a couple memes.

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